Student FAQs

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What to do if the broken link refers to a news article that doesn’t exist anymore?

Email for help trying to find it. If they can’t help you, just unlink the text:

  1. highlight text
  2. press CTRL+K OR click icon with black background
  3. delete link
  4. press ENTER

Is there an undo button?

While in editor mode, try pressing CTRL+Z. If that doesn’t work, click on the clock icon on the bottom left on the screen (third icon left to right). Then, click on “Revisions”. Select what version you want to restore the page to. Click “Apply”.

How will Professor Haenfler know what changes I made to a page?

My recommendation is to create a Word document where you write down changes as you make them and the date (like, “02/05/24: changed the title; fixed 3 broken links.”) If you want Professor Haenfler to have a written record of that, e-mail these changes to him when you have an assignment due. He can also see the changes through Elementor’s page history feature.

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